The Fado & Food Group comprises historic establishments dedicated to the universe of Lisbon’s urban song, called Fado.

    Fado houses located in Bairro Alto, Adega Machado (1937), Café Luso (1927) and Clube de Fado (1995), Alfama District, and Timpanas (1961) in the Alcântara District.

    The cultural roots of this oral tradition, Fado, have always been associated with national gastronomy.

    Fado & Food Group is the first large business organization in this specific industry.

    Each of the Fado & Food Group units has its own identity as a result of its space, environment and estate characteristics.

    In addition to private castings, guest artists circulate, opportunities for talent, future professionals, and so are renewed.

    This set of establishments is authenticated by the Portuguese collective memory that seeks them as a meeting place with their own references.

    For all it culturally understands, and for the many visitors worldwide, Fado & Food Group is a leader and ambassador with weight and meaning in the city of Lisbon.

    As for the surroundings, visitors to the city of Lisbon, and the neighborhoods where these fado houses are distributed, have a considerable number of monuments and museums to visit, find the modern and cosmopolitan face of the capital, experience the bairrista soul, discover the numerous traditional shops, from the castillo to the chic.

    The mission of preserving and innovating on the historical legacy of fado houses led to the creation of the Fado & Food Group brand in 2012.

    Daily, we continue the tradition of Fado (Intangible Heritage of UNESCO, 2011), recreate the Portuguese cuisine.