Adega Machado, the famous Fado House, founded in 1937, located in the typical district of Bairro Alto in Lisbon, has reinvented itself in June 2012.

The iconographic facade, work of the artist Thomaz de Mello holds the looks. After entering, you are lost in admiration of the three floors where are distributed photographic records of our history and tradition.

The main room, capable of peering through a porthole, protects customers who settle in the fold of the letter that the shape space, an L of Lisbon is easily sensed in song born in it, here sung, windows with shutters heart, the hubbub of passers-by, what you eat.

With capacity for 95 people, the restaurant is designed with the following lines in mind: comfort, privacy and space between tables for intimacy.

Reserved to the actions the central area, between windows, front of the painter of the picture José Dias Sanchez, which has always been quadraram artists. The environment results stylish, cozy and romantic.

An intermediate floor, the cellar, seductive showcase, with the option to purchase wines from the best regions.

Down and through a tunnel, one comes to the “Sala da Fadistagem”, perfect for small groups, unique environment, for various events.

Above, Terrace, quiet retreat for a glass of wine, snacks, a chat, or for a pleasant late afternoon.

Keeps Secrets that are put into Songs

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It was momentarily named “Barrete Verde” in 1937, but wore another definitive name with which it achieved national and world fame: Adega Machado.

Today you can find a Casa de Fados that pays tribute to its history, the founders and all those who added their personal and professional experiences to the memories that Adega Machado keeps.

In Fado, Amália Rodrigues proved her affection for this House with two annual galas, the charismatic Fernando Mauricio returned to her many times; another of them, Alfredo Marceneiro. There would be many more to name, but we also mention Manuel Fernandes, Francisco Carvalhinho, Raul Nery, Adelino Santos, Beatriz da Conceição, Maria Amelia Proença, Maria da Fé and Mariza.

There are also celebrated visitors from many quarters, many of whom have left testimonials of appreciation in an authentic collection of honor books.

Imagine the generous Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, a philanthropist of Armenian origin, the Count of Barcelona, ​​Don Juan de Bourbon, King Humberto of Italy, Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, and other State figures, the President of the Republic, Ramalho Eanes and, only from the Republic of Brazil were four, between Kubichek and Itamar.

At 82, among artists and visitors, each night at Adega Machado makes history.