What if you could stretch the short time of your visit to Lisbon to know as much as possible? And if it were possible to have a four- or six-hour experience in just one hour? And if one minute to another plunged from day to night? And in just 45 minutes listened over a Fado century? And if during those 45 minutes we opened your appetite with proof of food and Portuguese wine?

And if that were possible in the universe of a real House of Fado?

It was to answer these questions born Fado Inside the Box project in July 2015.

The success of this initiative confirms the curiosity, demand and testimonials of satisfaction that we receive daily.

Fado Inside the Box proposes to those who visit us a mini tour of the facade of this property (designed by the artist Thomaz de Mello), the galleries filled with current and former artistic estate, to the Hall of Fadistagem, which follows the Fado inside the Box.

Everyday, at 5.00pm, for approximately 45 minutes two singers (male and female element + guitar and viola) present a repertoire that focuses on the main genres of fado, from traditional to contemporary.

Since Fadistagem the room is in the basement (Adega Machado is divided into 3 floors) visitors will have in the day the experience in night of fado house environment, accommodated at nearby tables artists .

During the action will make a enogastronomica tasting, and served them wine (by the glass), 2 snacks + bread and olive oil.

As per TripAdvisor:
“Excellent music and singing by professionally trained musicians and singers at only €17 per person, inclusive of three types of tidbits and a glass of wine. Great place to rest your legs and relax after a Long day of walking before your dinner.”

“While walking through the Bairro Alto area of Lisbon during our visit to Portugal in September of this year, we came unexpectedly upon this event which we learned happens almost daily at Adega Machado from 5pm until around 6pm. For Euros 17, you can hear live Fado music, with tapas and a glass of wine. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here, the music was beautiful, the location ideal and the wine very good. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has it on their list to hear authentic Fado.”

“We loved our experience here. The musicians and singers are spectacular. They also provided some commentary about the music which was helpful as we were new to Fado. Great option for those who can’t make the later Fado/ dinner shows.”