• 18 April 2017


    Thursday, April 13, we went to SIC’s popular TV show, “Juntos à Tarde”, hosted by Rita Ferro Rodrigues and João Baião.

    We talked about Bairro Alto, a neighborhood that was created 500 years ago, initially frequented by sailors, who later welcomed noblemen who built palaces here. In the nineteenth century, the early newspapers, later the artists began to settle. Today is the main stage of the nightlife and one of the business cards of the city of Lisbon.

    They chose Adega Machado, which is 80 years old this year, and an establishment opened nine months ago, Pop Cereal, located on the same street.

    These two establishments are examples of how the Bairro Alto became cosmopolitan and sought after, because it is found in the Tradition, in evolution, and modern and bold business concepts.