• 29 April 2018


    The Portuguese Revolution of 1974 will be remembered in Paris with a “freedom party”, a conference on the challenges of democracy, a “fado cabaret” and a concert of “fados de libertad.

    There will be the concert entitled “Fados em Liberdade” organized by the association La Gauche Cactus’, with fados “old or recent linked to the theme of freedom” .’

    “In the history of fado, before the dictatorship there were very militant fates, anarchists, communists and republicans. In fado, there has always been a political tradition. During the dictatorship, censorship had a role and the dictatorship instrumentalized fado, but even in associative nights of fado and in certain letters, there were people who did not agree with the dictatorship, “said Jean-Luc Gonneau, vice president of the association.

    In another initiative, the fado cabaret will be a mix between the fado house and the French cabaret. People will be sitting at round tables and listening to fado at the same time. ”