• 20 December 2016


    The night of Fado at New Year´s Eve will still be longer and more charming than the usual ones.
    We present a special menu that will delight those who choose to make the last Dinner of 2016 in a musical environment of Fado.
    If Fado tells us stories, and allows us to revisit our emotions, it also tells stories about what is still to come, starting on the first day of 2017!


    COUVERT: 3 kinds of Bread and Olive Oil

    APPETIZER: Black Tortellini of Scallops and Shrimps, Celery and Coconut Vichyssoise

    FIRST COURSE (FISH): Croaker Confit and Caroline of Octopus (Coriander Olive-Oil)

    SECOND COURSE (MEAT): Veal cooked in Low-Temperature with Chery’s Sauce, Sauté Potatoes and Vegetables

    DESSERT: White Chocolate Mousse, Walnuts, Black Chocolate, Crumble and Wild Berries


    DRINKS: Mineral Water, Coffee or Tea

    Aperitif Porto Wine “Taylors”

    White Wine, “Castello D’ Alba” Reserva D.O.C. (Douro Region)

    Red Wine “Castello D’ Alba” Reserva D.O.C. (Douro Region)

    Digestive “Moscatel do Douro” (Real C.ª Velha)

    Sparkling Wine Super Reserve Brut Blanc de Blancs (Douro Region)



    [ the Couvert, Dessert and Beverages are the same as the Main Menu ]

    APPETIZER: Tortellini of Dry Tomato and Leeks, Celery and Coconut Vichyssoise

    FIRST COURSE: Creamy Rice of Green Asparagus , Rings of Onions in Butter

    SECOND COURSE: Green Pastry of Vegetables, Pasta with Sauté Mushrooms,
    Dairy-Cream Sauce, Mustard and Spring Onions


    € 135,00 per Person (all included)

    For Reservations, simple, just press Book Now here in the website