• 10 October 2016


    Tomorrow, 11 October, the singer Pedro Moutinho takes the stage of Chaplin Hall in St. Petersburg. Here are two days where it acts at Club Art Café Durov in Moscow.
    It will be accompanied by André Dias in Portuguese guitar (the Café Luso cast), Maximum Ciuro on bass and James Silva on guitar.
    Pedro Moutinho defines the singing on his album “reflects a tradition but with words and songs of today.”

    The disc evokes references singers Pedro Moutinho, both authors and interpreters, and “hence the recreation of some themes, Tony Matos and Carlos Ramos, and the choice of some melodies traditional fado”, as the fados Amora and Tango , Joaquim de Campos, the Adiça of Armandinho, Macau, Jaime Santos, or the Saudade, Fernando Carneiro de Carvalho.